June 28, 2018
Life Pacific College (LPC) announced that Dr. Jim Walz has been selected as the new Chair of Business Administration beginning July 1, 2018. Dr. Walz returns to Life Pacific College after serving as Professor and Chair ... READ MORE
June 27, 2018
Bryana Williams knows a thing or two about women’s basketball. Beyond that, she knows how to live life for Jesus Christ. The two come together as she begins to build a winning basketball program at Life Pacific. Women’s ... READ MORE
June 27, 2018
Our President’s Cabinet takes seriously any opportunity to serve our students and our San Dimas neighbors. At most colleges in America, the week of final exams and submitting final projects is affectionately known as “ ... READ MORE
June 27, 2018
Life Pacific and McKinley Children’s Center share a similar mission of transformation and through a unique partnership, both institutions now reap the benefits. A mutually beneficial partnership between Life Pacific ... READ MORE
June 27, 2018
Those of us with shared memories of life at Life Pacific need to connect the dots of those memories, to connect with each other. It’s refreshing, refilling, and a lot of fun. College alumni share memories with each ... READ MORE
May 30, 2018
Commencement week is one of the busiest, most exciting, and emotional weeks of our year at Life Pacific. Every celebration reminds us of the place each student holds in our hearts. This year Life Pacific and LPC-Ignite ... READ MORE
May 29, 2018
Theo Nayagam begins his day early by investing in the first priority in his life: spending time with the Lord. Then he spends time with wife, Manju, over breakfast. They share a cup of coffee, talk about the day ahead, ... READ MORE